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Protect your Intellectual property plus build value with your patent portfolio.

Rupak Nag your Bay Area Patent Attorney

Extensive and proven experience prosecuting patents.

Established Track Record

Effectively working with Patent Office and successfully negotiating complex software inventions to issued patents (drafted and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications) since 1995.

Patent Portfolio Strategy

Collaborated with Engineering and Products teams, founders, CTOs, senior technologists, designers, to ensure strategic and comprehensive IP protection.

US Export Compliance

Open source management; trademark and copyright

Strategic Protection

Align IP portfolio with product offerings and market-distinguishing features; work with product teams to develop a narrative that adds value to the company (“There are our market-distinguishing features, our crown jewels, and our ability to scale and here’s the IP we have that protects these innovations” vs. “Here’s a list of our patents and summaries of each”)

Engineering IP Expertise

All aspects of software (most recently, data analytics, machine learning, classifiers, HCI, UX/UI, interactive TV, mobile security, IOT security, financial applications

Patent Harvesting and Mining

Which innovations are patent eligible?

Which justify a prior art search?

Provide Guidance

For allocating an Intellectual Property budget and developing an inventor incentive program

Foreign Patent Portfolio

Build and manage foreign patent portfolios (via patent associates in foreign jurisdiction)

Rupak Nag worked with Sun Microsystems

Developing Intellectual Property Patent

for Java Virtual Machine;

represented RSA in patent infringement case;

built patent portfolio of 70 US and foreign patents

from scratch for mobile and IOT security;

worked on patents for Samsung Smart TV

Patent Attorney

Kwan & Olynick LLP
Jun 2016 – Present
2 yrs 9 mos
Berkeley, CA

Draft and prosecute US and foreign patent applications in all areas of computer science and software engineering.

Kwan & Olynick LLP ( is an intellectual property law firm based in Berkeley, CA focusing on patents and trademarks. The firm was founded to generate value from innovation. We believe that an intellectual property attorney should not merely receive a technical disclosure and prepare and file a patent application. Instead, an intellectual property attorney should be an adept engineer, an astute lawyer, a business partner, and a co-innovator who intricately understands your continually evolving needs, your competitive pressures, technological landscape, and business goals. A great intellectual property attorney should not only enjoy practicing law, but should also love technology, business, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Our attorneys bring more than a combined 140 years of experience in preparing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications, counseling, intellectual property audits, and due diligence reviews. Our firm is proud to represent Fortune 500 companies, emerging companies, and entrepreneurs.

Senior Intellectual Property Counsel

Mocana Corporation
Oct 2012 – May 2015
2 yrs 8 mos
San Francisco

Responsible for all intellectual property matters, including building patent portfolio to over 40 issued and pending US and foreign patent applications in embedded security, mobile device and application security, and IoT fields; working closely with CTO and Engineering team to ensure strategic and comprehensive IP protection; working with Products team to align IP protection with company’s product offerings; working with General Counsel on transactional matters, including customer licensing agreements, re-seller agreements, evaluations, and manufacturing agreements; assisting with various in-house legal matters, including NDAs, export regulation compliance, open source, and trademark matters associated with company rebranding.

Patent Attorney

Beyer Law Group LLP
Nov 2005 – Dec 2012
7 yrs 2 mos
Cupertino, CA and Minneapolis, MN

Experience with nearly all aspects of US patent prosecution; drafted over 100 patent applications and prosecuted hundreds of applications in a wide array of software and Internet technologies, including human-computer interaction (HCI) design/volumetric computing; interactive TV and digital media services; mobile device and application security; anti-malware software, online advertising, online gaming, encryption, and Java Virtual Machines; experience with design patent applications for mobile devices and displays; worked closely with founders, CTOs, engineers, and designers; assumed responsibilities of in-house IP counsel for numerous start-ups and small-cap companies.

Why Hire A Patent Attorney?

The ARTISTRY of a skilled patent attorney is in plain view when she or he meets with your inventors and can translate a couple hours’ discussion into a short series of claims. In the software environment, this requires a high level of technical and claims writing expertise.

The true VALUE of a patent attorney becomes more obvious after the filing when you get that rejection letter, which in greater than 95% of the cases, will arrive in your mailbox. With an allowed rate of only 50%, your response to the rejection, a narrowing of the claims, and the follow-up discussions with the USPTO patent examiner are critical.

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